Keychron Keyboard Article Review - November 2022 – Keychron Canada

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - November 2022

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - November 2022

DocSimon |

"The K3 Pro is innovative and the first low-profile and wireless mechanical keyboard with support QMK/VIA. Users can configure their keyboard to suit specific tasks using this firmware flash and customizing software"
"I’ve tested the Keychron K3 Pro. It’s an exceptionally comfortable keyboard to type on and has the wonderfully distinctive tactile response that only a mechanical model can offer."

"The ergonomic layout takes a minute for your fingers to get up to speed with, but when they do, you're rewarded with a faster and more comfortable typing experience, and that's well worth the outlay for this well-built, high-quality mechanical keyboard."
"You should also note that the Q8 includes a solid steel plate for additional support in its multi-layered construction, adding some stability to the keyboard. There's also a sound-absorbing foam layer to dampen keystrokes, managing to reduce the noise from even the most aggressive typers."
"Without question, the Keychron Q10 is the most well-built keyboard I’ve ever used, and is a chonker at exactly four pounds flat.  The CNC aluminum body has a premium feel, and details such as the light knurling of the knob are appreciated."
"It has been genuinely difficult to find fault with the Keychron Q10 mechanical keyboard. I feel that the Alice layout is a gentle transition into the ergonomic keyboard world, and coupled with the fantastic build quality, this is a keyboard that will be with you for a long time."
"I can’t recommend Keychron keyboards enough. I’ve adopted the Q5 QMK as my daily driver, and it replaced the Q3 QMK I used beforehand. As far as the Q5 specifically, you should be in the market for a 96% keyboard that’s best suited for everyday stationary use."
"if you have your own 3- or 5-pin MX mechanical switches to put in, it’s as easy as taking the keycaps off and using the included switch puller to make room. Since the Q5 is hot swappable, you don’t have to break out a soldering iron, or even unplug the board first."
"The Q-series from Keychron is once again impressive for quality and customization, now available in the much-loved Alice layout. It’s an easy purchase if you want an ergonomic layout with great typing and lots of features."
"This methodical key layout gives the keyboard a curve, as seen in many supposedly ergonomic designs, while remaining compatible with standard MX switches and a variety of keycap sets."

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