Keychron Keyboard Article Review - December 2022 – Keychron Canada

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - December 2022

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - December 2022

DocSimon |

"The Q10 includes both Mac- and Windows-compatible keycaps in the box and has a switch to toggle between two different sets of layers, which you can program independently. This is a killer feature for anyone who regularly swaps between Mac and Windows."
"Both the knob and the macros are easy enough to program in VIA. Plenty of gaming keyboards have left macro columns, but they’re not as common on enthusiast boards."

"It’s a 75% keyboard (in other words, there’s no numpad and the arrow keys are integrated into the main body of keys), which helps keep the size down while still giving you all the essentials. Coupled with the slim keycaps, it’s a board that should easily fit inside a backpack when you’re out and about."
"The S1 uses hot-swappable Gateron switches, meaning you can change the feel of your key presses by installing a different set of switches, all without requiring a pesky soldering iron."
"Of the nearly 200 we've tested, the Keychron Q6 is by far the best keyboard. While we recommend the full-size Q6 here, the Q-series consists of a range of keyboard sizes, from the typing and programming-friendly Keychron Q2 to the tiny Keychron Q4 or even the TenKeyLess Keychron Q3."
"You don't have to alter the board in any way, especially since the stock components are all very high-quality, so just leaving the board as-is feels and sounds excellent."
"That K3 Pro is a great travel device. As well as its wireless and cable backup capabilities, the portable 75 percent layout lets it go anywhere a full-size tablet will charge and recharge from the same USB-C cable."
"The K3 Pro is an upgraded version of the low-profile keychron K3. There’s a lot of difference, but the upgrades come in a few surprising areas. The most obvious part is the move between ABS and PBT."
"The construction and design of this keyboard is truly remarkable. There’s a gasket-mounted design which adds some bounce to the typing. The switches are set into the board and protected by layers of sound-dampening foam, providing a quiet, pleasant sound."
"The Keychron Q3 is a great choice for those looking for a highly customizable keyboard with great build quality and a unique typing experience. The keyboard comes with tactile Gataron G Pro Brown switches and double shot PBT keycaps out of the box, and it has lots of features like hot-swappable PCB, sound dampening foam and toggle switches between Windows and Mac modes."

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