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Why Hot-swappable Is An Essential Feature For Mechanical Keyboard Customization?

A mechanical keyboard's hot-swappable feature is a very useful feature for customizing your keyboard. It lets you easily swap the keyboard switches to create your very own personalized keyboard.

A hot-swappable keyboard allows you to change the switches by only using a switch puller, so you literally just pull out the switches and plug in other ones; that's easy.

Keychron Keyboard Hot-Swappable

For non-hot-swappable keyboards, you need the follow steps to change the switch if you want:

1. Take the whole keyboard apart first.

2. Use a soldering tool to desolder the switches off. There are 2 pins need to be desoldered for each switch.

3. Solder the switches you want on.

4. Reassemble the whole keyboard. 

Without the hot-swappable feature, it takes at least 4 or 5 times longer to change switches on a mechanical keyboard.

Soldering The PCB

The Soldering Spot On The Keyboard PCB

The Solution: Socket Hot-swappable

The socket hot-swappable kit is a great solution for keyboards. It has upgraded the PCB by adding a kit of hot-swappable sockets to the PCB circuit.

The socket hot-swappable kit allows the mechanical switches to be swapped directly and ready to use. The socket hot-swappable kit built-in original parts are not easily oxidized and it is easier to change the mechanical switches without changing it. It can also withstand multiple replacements. Socket hot-swappable is the most stable and convenient hot-swappable solution on the market today, but the cost is also high, so lots of big brands don't feature it.

The front of PCB with the socket hot-swappable kit

The back of PCB with the socket hot-swappable kit

Besides reducing the time it takes to swap switches, the hot-swappable function also greatly reduces the cost of customizing the switches, a very useful feature for keyboard customization.

Keychron's Hot-swappable Feature

Keychron's hot-swappable technology uses the socket kit hot-swappable solution, and specifically supports 5 pin and 3 pin mechanical switches to easily support a variety of mechanical switches.

You can personize your own keyboard for a short time, and change the switches you you want on your keyboard.

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